Metrolink App UX Project (3rd Year)

For a HCI/UX unit, I was asked to redesign the Metrolink application. I conducted research into the current app, website, and other travel applications, creating and gaining over 100 system usability scales, Nielsen’s Heuristics, and Heuristic Questionnaire tables from willing participants, to back up my 20,000 word report.

I then talked to current Metrolink users to see what they wanted to see in a new app, leading me to create a set of functional requirements, and primary and secondary personas for this imagined new app. These were implemented into my low-level paper prototypes, supported by my hierarchical navigation diagram to show user flow.

Here are some images which demonstrate key parts of my UX design process:

My above paper prototypes were then guerrilla tested, and I conducted more SUS, Nielsen’s Heuristics, and Heuristic Questionnaires to compare the results to the feedback from the original Metrolink app.

I made final changes, before creating the digital version in Axure RP. This was my first time using Axure and was a big challenge for me, but the added interactivity it allows let me create a much more well-rounded prototype than simply using flat images in Marvel, as I used in my BBC application. This project was solely based on UX and research, and is why the UI is not as focused on.

Here are some mockups of my finished app:

Please click here to try my app for yourself! (open on desktop or iPhone, and save to home page via safari)

This project allowed me to learn new software; adding text input fields, pop ups, error messages, conditions, and dynamic panels as advanced interaction options. The feedback from my final prototype was amazing, gaining almost 100% on the SUS, more than double the actual Metrolink app.