magneticNorth App Collaboration (3rd Year)

I collaborated with design agency magneticNorth, who set an open brief to make something digital for neurodiverse people in the city. I decided to create an app for autistic people, helping them to avoid stressful situations in indoor locations.

I used a process of: target audience research, app research, crazy 8’s, storyboarding, navigational diagrams, paper prototyping/wireframing, graphic design (Adobe CC), digital prototyping (with Marvel), and guerrilla testing throughout, to create my final application.

Here are some images which demonstrate key parts of my UX design process:

The app allows users to input their sensory preferences (quiet areas, open spaces, dim lighting etc.), and then suggests relevant locations for them to visit, or avoid.

Features of my app: tailored recommendations, star ratings, AR location identification, walkthrough videos, comments, GPS maps, and shortcuts for primary users.

After testing the paper prototypes on the target audience and then improving them using my UX design skills, I created the digital app using Adobe Illustrator and Marvel, and created an animation walkthrough/tap-through video to demonstrate my design.

Everything from the concept, to the interactivity, to the content, has been user tested on the target audience and re-improved over a 3 month period.

I presented my final design to MagneticNorth and BBC CAPE, and the feedback from both companies was extremely positive, with the BBC asking me to send over a PDF pitch of my concept. This app is something I would love to develop further, as I am passionate about the cause and I have really enjoyed developing my ideas this far already!

Here are some mockups of my finished prototype:

Click here to interact with my ‘Shape My Bubble’ App

Since completing this project, my UI and graphics skills have improved noticeably, as you can see in my ‘Buskify’ project on my portfolio page.

Shape My Bubble Tap-through Video: