ener.g CAD Work Experience

Towards the end of second year, I decided to apply for a number of placements and work experience opportunities, in order to find out exactly which career path I wanted to take.

One of the first places to get back to me was ener.g, an engineering company based in Salford. They have a design team which work in CAD and CAD 3D, creating scaled and accurate drawings of various components which are then sent to the shop floor to be cut, moulded, and built.

This was not a job role which I would usually go for, however working in a professional environment and around other designers really gave me a good feel for working life. I completed a series of workbooks which the lead designer created for me, teaching me how to use the software and developing my skills day by day. I had only used CAD a couple of times before, to laser cut and to print off accurately scaled packaging for a product.

I then got to create something for a real-live project, drawing up a steel component which was then approved and sent to be made on the same day. I enjoyed my 2 weeks working here full time, and I managed to learn the software extremely quick, completed all of my allocated tasks in half the time expected.