BBC UX&D Placement ’15

I had the opportunity to work alongside UX professionals from the BBC, where I was given the brief to create an app or website in preparation for BBC3 coming off air. We met in MediaCity and in the Shed at uni once a week for workshops and feedback sessions. Since this project, my skills have improved dramatically.

Over 3 months, I picked up my first experiences working in UX design. I learnt how to effectively come up with concepts and ideas, by brain storming, coming up with ‘How might we?’ questions, creating ‘Crazy 8’s’, and gaining target audience feedback.

The concept offered an educational aspect for it’s target audience of people aged 16-24, which allowed live mobile streaming, box sets, and a large selection of documentaries, which the users I talked to seemed to prefer to watch on BBC3.

The app could then connect to the website version via wifi, so young people could use their mobile as a remote control when watching on their laptops or smart TV. The ‘note taker’ option also allowed users to take notes on any educational documentaries they may watch.

Here are some mockups of my finished prototype:

Click here to interact with my ‘BBC3’ App

I presented my progression each week, sharing my feedback from my paper prototype Guerrilla testing, before progressing to create my digital prototype using the Adobe suite, and imported my graphics into Marvel to add the interactivity.

I finally created a discussion guide in preparation to lab test my finished app. I used the usability lab in BBC to question two paid volunteers, ensuring to cover everything on my discussion guide to gain the feedback which I needed.

Peers took notes on how the users managed to understand and use my app from a separate room, watching from cameras and listening through speakers. I then presented my process to the BBC and gained excellent feedback!

Here are some images from my design process: