Kids Arduino Workshop Leading ’16

I was given the opportunity to help lead an Arduino workshop for kids at Bury Art Museum. I had never done something like this before, but quickly picked up how to create some basic code to function the DC motors for my section of the workshop, which allowed me to make the motor start and stop, and spin in different directions.

I then created some worksheets with a crossword and simple questions etc. for in case the workshop became too busy to interact with everyone at once, and purchased some small toys so the kids could add them to the motors to make it fun for them. For the younger ones, I brought tin foil, paper clips, pencils and paper, so that they could conduct the circuits in different ways, helping it to be a little more engaging and hands-on.

The end result was amazing considering I have never done anything like this before, lots of children and parents turned up, with some of the adults even being inspired to purchase an Arduino by the end of it. I would love to do some more workshops if I have the chance.