Projection Mapping Prototype Animation (2nd Year)

After learning that our course was going to have an exhibition at Bury Art Museum, I decided to base my self-directed project around creating some kind of advertisement for the installation.

For the short project, I decided to create a prototype animation for a potential outdoor projection mapping advertisement, onto Bury Art Museum. I took a photo of the museum, editing out the clouds and making it nighttime so that the projected animations would show up as if it were real.

I used Adobe After Effects, creating masks to make my text and glyph icons show in the areas where I would want them to be projected, then editing my paths around the columns on the museum, to make the text distorted where the light would bounce off the curves of the building. I learnt how to mask, edit paths, create 3D movements with text, and layer correctly so that my animation would appear flawless.

The curator at Bury Art Museum was keen to create the real projection for the opening night, but sadly there wasn’t enough time to create it in time with the other exhibition work going on at the same time.